Change is coming

Change is coming, how is that possible you say the elite have control of our government. This control is made possible by the never ending man made laws and enforced. Many of the laws as you know require a lawyer to interpret them. They tell us the Constitution is old and no longer applies. Our education system no longer emphasize the gift left by our forefathers. Here is where is the great gift that Mark Hamilton has developed can overcome these crimes of the past and stop the anti-civilization crowd. The PRIME LAW will protect the Constitution from abuse and allow the honest and freedom loving people of our country to fully develop our talents for enjoyment of all. I have read over twenty-five hundred pages of Mark’s writings and I can tell you it is an amazing piece of work. I had pretty much kept a low profile, run my small business, but now I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Come join us in this nonviolent effort.
Dan D.

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