Change and responsibility are nothing more than the Ability To Respond!

Mark hi please remember to co create not to enter into the fear mode of illusion. This society has been overridden with fear based theology, infrastructure, controlled media covering the “truths” of our inherent rights. The president prior to this administration owns the media. We “The American people by in large are primarily brain washed by the “elite” of today’s society. We the people have been “sheep” allowing to be controlled simply by our non-involvement sitting back and waiting or just blindly following..I ask you following what? Who? Wake up America..Yes it is time long over due to regain our  birth right, our integrated wholeness, our voices must speak out now! The Twelve Vision Party is strong..Hear my voice Many who walked before us knew what was to come Chief Joseph, Hopi Prophesy, Many earth changes will occur bringing us to our knees…I have seen a vision one who is in office now he had his hand on a red button about to launch a nuclear war..Inside his mountain inside with those who are in power now those who are false prophets, Change this vision now be the voice you are intended to be! Many feel it may be too late. Its not take charge today . Hear the words of Mark Hamilton who is dedicating his life to NT & TVP. Do not be eluded by the smoke screen /media who are afraid and will attempt to dishonor Mark Hamilton’s work. Center into your hearts, feel his presence, feel the resonance of truth, join now and your truth will be heard, Change and responsibility are nothing more than the Ability To Respond! Create the difference you wish to see. See for yourself your children and your children’s children. The elders speak of every word and thought effects the next seven generations. Be the peace, the voice the constructive infrastructure of the TVP.  Create the change today which you seek to endeavor tomorrow there is No time to hesitate..The present is acting today..
Thank you,
Michaela B.

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