Before Neothink…

I shudder to think what my life would have been like, had I not discovered Neothink.

Before Neothink, my life was riddled with problems of guilt and mysticism, compounded with self-criticism.

Upon discovering Neothink, I was eventually able to locate the sources of most of my problems, and continue to pursue eradicating the remainder of my mysticism…which is now much easier to diagnose.

I have been saved from what I would have considered a “wasted life”…and instead have enjoyed building value and confidence into my life.

It was an eye-opening experience when I finally began to be able to trace mysticism to its sources–which, in my case, quite extensively turned out to

be my mom’s mother, who ultimately became a practicing Christian Scientist.

It’s not pretty to behold the devastation (at least two generations deep) that could be traced to the actions of one person…a neocheater.

* * *

Fortunatey for me, I developed am interest in math at a young age, which gave me genuine self-esteem.  I also give my sixth-grade math teacher a lot of credit for making me realize I was special by allowing me to accelerate in math and introducing me into algebra.

Also, I give my eighth-grade math teacher her due for NOT letting me ahead of eighth-grade math, thereby destroying my last vestige of respect for public school.  I vowed never to go to college, and I think that worked out fine, in retrospect.

Here Neothink helped once again…making me understand the responsibility I had to educate myself.  Although I graduated a ~2.7 student from high school, I am well-read and competent…thanks mainly to my own independent efforts.  And I can save myself the aggrevation of de-programming myself of college “education.”

Though I’ve never been an active value “creator,” I’ve always strived to be a value “producer” until I take the final step into value creation…which I

now see as essential to fully appreciate my essence as a human being.

Also, I’ve never particularly been close to people…I still count very few among my genuine circle of friends.  But–reading and integrating with the people of Neothink, suddenly I’ve felt a kinship with a large amount of people I had never experienced before.

Once you learn the honest path, and see things in their proper context, there is no going back.

Best wishes,

Eric J.

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