Awesome and Wonderful Neothink manuscripts

So Very Appreciative of your Awesome and Wonderful Neothink manuscripts on Life and Reality! You see at 18 y/o I was in a traumatizing automobile accident that caused me to have to learn how to speak and live Life all over again.  In my recovery, I found my place in the church and HEARD from God that I was to be a Pastor.  Then I discovered my God voice was Actually my own mind. I am still connecting with the Right side of my mind, which is giving me Wonderful Realizations at how GIFTED EACH AND EVERY Human CAN BE! If they Want to be.

Thing with THAT is, everyone Wants to be Gifted, Wants to be Respected, and Wants to be RICH!  But just as we may All Desire a Perfect Life, a Majority of Humans will be content to Live Life under “The Government’s (GIFT of LIFE).” In doing so, will NOT Consider doing Something DIFFERENT w/o a TAXING and Unnecessary Leader to Tell us how we “CAN LIVE.”

!!!BIGGEST THING OF ALL!!!  SLAVERY NEVER ENDED, it was only Camouflaged!  How do I mean?  We who do work in this country and pay taxes, will then Spend the money that was Taxed “At Least 2 Times Before We Even Get It (as the average middle class).”  Oh yea, and then we get Taxed Again as we spend our money on products or services.  Also, the Government will then have the RIGHT to tell you if you have to pay them MORE Taxes for living in Their Country the Previous Year AND Require to be Reimbursed by Each April!  Or to Prison one shall go, where the Government uses the people’s TAX MONEY to build, pay for Utilities, and Feed The prisoners Who the Government wants MONEY from. Not the smartest solution, NO OPINION INTENDED.

And why should we THINK North America will get Any Better when we have a Continuous Declining Debt to China and the WORLD! Obama was RIGHT, it is TIME FOR A CHANGE! So WHY oh WHY would an AMERICAN Vote for a POLITICAL Power with the Same Objectives? Why???

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