All together inside the TVP

My name is Alain B., I’m 53 end believe my journey taut me to see the life and events as they ares. After many disillusions, I chose to come to America to change a life imposed to me.
I did better here, but before long I could for see us going toward a change that I fled from. Ones again my life got sour, instead of progressing I regress. I thought I was alone to see the truce about all those lies we are being fed with. Then came Mark Hamilton, Mark show me the light I was looking for, he told me I was not alone, the hope came back, now I believe again. I can raise my kids in a much better future, give them the life they deserve. All together inside the TVP,WE ARE GOING TO DO IT. Mark have all my respect and my love. ALAIN.

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