air, fire, earth, water, plus soul

Reflective Protective Shield…I always knew what it was… but I like the name… I like the do nothing for no one who ? but to stay positive with hope… no bad thoughts (for) positive thoughts for all ?..If you looked for me Mark?.. the other night, I was aware of this… don’t quite understand why I would wait.. to see what was going on, but their I was waiting to see what was what. I can face a alot that in the past, I didn’t understand. I know you what me to join more, but that man in my past , asked me to wait for him. It’s so hard but I promised. Tho I don’t know when, I keep thinking soon. I don’t remember all he said, I buried it so deep that only certain words or actions help. Some come as just knowing, others are how could I forget. But to go where it was, I’m lost. It’s like a postcard, familiar yet before, or past it ,I have no idea. So I wait. I worry that it could of been the double ? I feel like a child waiting on promises so long ago. Will it happen or should I go on? I’ve already told it all, even not knowing to who or why. But I have to believe as Lady Blue the protective shield ( like a door) all who pass through will be honest, with truth. And it will gauge all lies & or truth. I will know.Next will be on the wrist devices to the insights of truth & honesty or lies. Lady Blue was very gracious, busy with other things, so here I am taking back history of truth. We must stay true to who we are, pure love, kindness, forgiveness, please forgive me the harm I may of unknowingly caused you all. I’ve felt so unworthy of you all. I only wish to undo the harm I’ve caused, the pain, the suffering. If it helps I wasn’t aware of any thing. But to know this & not know how or why shames me, my pain is real. not even thoughs closest to me know. I didn’t raise them to know. so now I figure out how to reteach them the truths that I know, & not be burned at the stake. Or hung on the cross. I know I’m not the first,to be so mistaken. But to go on & leave behind, I ‘m not sure to go or wait. You all went on & have achieved so much good. Me I’ve waited not knowing who was who or why, so thank-you again for being you

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