A Grateful and Happy Awakening

A Grateful and Happy Awakening

What does Mark Hamilton mean to Me?

Chivalry is not dead. Mark Hamilton is like a spark in a fire that refuses to give up it’s purpose.

Proof of a true visionary. He sees all that is wrong in the world, and doesn’t let that stop him from

being the man or woman we all are inside, Heroes. We are all heroes waiting to be born again.

Mark Hamiltons literature explains to us the reasons why we are hiding  that from ourselves, and

how to correct it, by opening the closed doors of our lives and minds. Those things we put walls up

for so we didn’t have to deal with them, purely out  of fear. False fear. His Neothink Society showed

me that his Spark was indeed capable of being fanned into a bonfire of warmth and love.

A love that we all need and strive to find in our lives. Respect for each other and camaraderie.

The society, of which I am part of is like family is supposed to be. Striving to be healthy wealthy

and wise. There for each other, and those interested in waking up also. Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton

from the center of my heart.


Jon R.

Neothink Society Member

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