You’ve Truly Changed My Life …

You’ve Truly Changed My Life … May the TVP Sweep This Land As a Breath of Fresh Air!

When I was introduced to Neothink about a year ago, I was forced to recollect on my past to see just where I had gone wrong in my life.

Not because my life was so disastrous, but because I had made all my past decisions with an immature mind that really hadn’t prepared me for the true responsibilities of this world.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society has matured me and helped me to see the true beauty of this world and to understand the responsibilities that it takes to be an effective leader that is a part of it.

Up until now, there has been a sort of unfulfilled satisfactions in most of my opportunities and accomplishments rendering me almost disabled to truly help others and to be a true leader, and it didn’t matter how financial successful I could have become. Thinking in terms of a value producer, I now have a new lease on life.

Sure, opportunity had always been there for me, but I had made all my decisions based on the limited experiences and pre Neo-Thinking.

Thanks to my involvement in the Neothink community, the decisions that I make now are from a common-sense perspective based on integrity, my inner growth, and my new-found knowledge.

Sure,  at this juncture in my life I find myself contemplating employment, business and personal decisions. However, I take comfort in knowing that; learning what I’ve learned, reading what I continue to read, and meeting whom I’ve met throughout the Neothink community; that those personal decisions will continue to be the right ones based on true satisfaction, integrity, and honesty.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, and I’m certain that the TVP will be a world-wind of relief for everyone.

Love and Prosperity,

Larry D. S.

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