Your writings and authorship took me out of a stagnated slumber …

Dear Mark Hamilton;

Words of encouragement to you personally.
Your writings and authorship took me out of a stagnated slumber and geared me up towards new hope for us, our children; grand children  and a future worth living and co-existing in.
Your sincere words speaking a truth we all can relate to; except those who depend on predatory feeding to survive.
Authors and other artists has been the target, or envy by people who got a personal kick out of the efforts to destroy. Conflicts and wars has been created by those who wanted to maim and kill and make a buck in the process.
I know something about how the Press works.
I  had personal front page attacks(national Newspaper) when I did human rights work in the past. I found ways to deal with the  press. I filed a complaint to the Press Ethical Board(Norway) when being denied equal time in one paper. It came out alright; one needs to push back.
I made a list of all the papers I could find and sent out Press Releases regarding progress in Human Rights Case. (The US has quite a few independent newspapers left; unfortunately I don’t know all of them.

How about finding these papers and send them a Press Release containing the data in your ad. They’ll print it for free. I’ve seen recently that people are getting involved in newspaper-issues with their comments. It is mine and others perceptions that newspapers in business needs and wants contributions as they had to lay off staff to stay in business. READERS LETTERS are a good way to get positive exposure as well.
If it gets to the point that attacks occur; heavens forbid, there is a short to the point way to handle. Just counter one issue real fast with documentation to prove it’s wrong (a lie) and publish this as it will DISCREDIT the attacker and make his/hers words neutralized. (one word for it)

It is important to act fast and furious right away.
This should discourage the attacker(s) and prevent a Black Marketing Campaign which takes  a lot more energy to handle.

Now if you start with the independent papers (older readers; who gas a lot to loose as the have several generations to protect) you will build momentum and support. My tip is that freedom loving states that
strongly supported the Constitutional issues in the last election and has later followed up with legislation to protect States Rights like Montana and Tennessee just to mention two examples. There is also 25 states that has rejected in one form or the other the Real ID act (I don’t have the names of the States in front f me)(

What I’m trying to say is these Sates with their independent Newspapers would be where Press releases and Reader letters should go to gain gradual support.

I just had to respond to your plea of help Mark, and I believe this will be helpful. The above is just thinking
on my feet.

Mark the truth will prevail. I agree time is of the essence. You have more potential support out there
that would sign up for your TVP Party in a heartbeat,
that anyone could imagine. There is also a number of other groups that could and should be approached with your message. More Press releases; inexpensive and effective.! 1 1/2 to 2 pages with a bullet pointed HARD SHEET up front. We are Entrepreneurs and Freedom Fighters Mark Hamilton! Nothing can really keep us down.


Trygve G.

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