Your Mind Self-Evolves When You Create

After I absorbed most of the hard-hitting secrets from the Prime literature, which in my opinion is the greatest information on earth, I realized that the only times I was really unhappy in life were when I was not in the process of creating something. After I removed all the mystical self-limiting beliefs that prevent progress, my mind became much more at peace, more relaxed and in tune with the world. I got more in touch with objective reality.

The formula is simple. As the fundamental belief in X is the absolute minimum required to achieve X; the more mental disagreements, i.e. “mind limitations” you strip away, the more your ability to create improves. What Mark Hamilton says on the Neothink Society home page in the video is absolutely correct. The feeling you get from creating is the greatest feeling possible for the human mind. That is the feeling you get when you perform the highest function of any living organism. Your mind self-evolves when you create, discover or find new things. All three of those actions; creating, finding and discovering are all the same because that is how you achieve something. Hence the above formula: the fundamental belief in X is the absolute minimum required to achieve X. You need to first rid yourself of those mystical beliefs in order to advance in life through accomplishing goals one by one; through achievements step by step. Those achievements all require creation of new knowledge. The human mind is the only thing in the known universe capable of self-evolving at will. That is why it feels so good when you achieve something by creating or discovering. You get that great feeling because you are evolving when you discover something new, and it peaks when you are the creator of that something. Nature rewards evolution on many levels. Mark Hamilton is right when he says it is a feeling better than vacations, sports or even recreational drug use. Try it and I guarantee you will agree. See if you can remember a time when you created something from nothing and the feeling you got. Pure exhilaration that lasts and lasts…

So, since your brain is your only instrument of creativity, it is your primary responsibility to keep it healthy by eating right, and exercise it often. This knowledge will be the greatest investment you will ever make in your life, as this will be the most important purchase for your brain.

Weight training, aerobics and good nutrition

Creating, problem solving, playing & learning
are all one – MENTAL FITNESS.



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