Your literature and TVP give me a sense of relaxation

Hello, Mr. Hamilton!
I appreciate your emails to me they mean so much. The Twelve Visions Party and the secret meetings. Your literature and TVP give me a sense of relaxation.  I’m going through some changes and Mark Hamilton’s TVP is giving me some insight to put troubles behind and go forward in life.  

In the Pax on page six, it reminds me when it say Add to that hopelessness is the fact that tens-of-millions vengeful Muslim fundamentalists populating every area on Earth consider the Islamic terrorist as an awesome hero and avidly support each in his or her mission to destroy not only America but also to terminate the individual rights and happy freedoms radiating from Western cultures…Thus, with infidel-murdering Muslims crushing the United States from within, will genocidal Jihadists ultimately rule over a demolished Western world? And the next chapter :  Waiting for the Coup de Grace. This helps me get through this what I’m going through. Because of Mark Hamilton and his literature, it’s so genuine and to the point. Thanks for Mark Hamilton and everything he is doing he gets my vote and letter of recommendation and praise.


Myrtle T

PS I listen in on these secret meetings and I’m a NT Warrior.

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