Your book, Neothink Inside Secrets, shows us how to…

Dear Mark,

Your book, Neothink Inside Secrets, shows us how to become the persons we are meant to be and it has benefited many people including myself. Every expansion of knowledge that expands the realm of human consciousness has been met with great opposition.  Therefore it does not surprise me at all that you have come under attack.  Instead of expanding pure love for the good of all mankind and the universe; the ruling class due to fear, greed, jealousy, and envy have stopped the vibrations of well-being and prosperity.  It is my sincere desire and belief that your philosophy of changing the world for the better by becoming self leaders and enjoying life to the fullest cannot be stopped. Persons who taste the exhilaration and understand the benefits of expanding their own individual intellect begin to move forward.

The false percepts and forced mysticisms begin to fall away  like the autumn leaves making way for beauty and budding growth. Creating values helps to increase appreciation of all value creators. The desires of hearts to continue down the road to prosperity and peace creates an energy of powerfully pure and innocent love.  Imagine taking all the losers and replacing them with winners and you will envision the Civilization of the Universe Mark Hamilton is bringing into the light of human consciousness.  Efforts will become effective accomplishments instead of endless stagnating struggles.

Thank you for caring about the world and me as a person.

Your friend,

Deborah S.

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