You will be making history!

Being an NT Warrior has brought a lot of happiness into my life, it has given me a feeling of self accomplishment. Having been able to help get the six Mark Hamilton websites moved to the first page in Google is quite an accomplishment. Seeing the BBB ratings for NT publishing company go from an F to a C in just a couple of days, and knowing I helped with this brings me a sense of self-importance. Working alongside my NT Warrior brothers and sisters and reading their constant stream of e-mails each day helps me get to know each of them individually on a much closer basis.
I would like to encourage you to get involved with this elite group of Neothink® Society Warriors and help continue our forward movement.
You will be making history!

Become involved with encompassing Mark Hamilton in a shield of value, which you have helped to create and it will bring you feelings of joy, delight, happiness and pleasure. Your participation in the ongoing and upcoming projects is essential to the success of the Twelve Visions Party! We can accomplish anything when we work as a mastermind group, the more of us that are participating in this elite team of NT Warrior’s the sooner we will reach our goal!
Kenneth T.

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