You owe it to yourself to find out if the NEOTHINK SOCIETY…

To understand what membership in the NEOTHINK SOCIETY has meant to me, you need to know the events leading to my joining the organization.

Back in the years 1976-77 I had it all. I was the production manager of a biological products manufacturing plant for a very large chemical company. I enjoyed a good salary, company benefits, prestige, a loving wife and family, nice home, a challenging and productive work ethic, the basic responsibility for the manufacture and distribution of the most effective measles vaccine in the world, travel, and time for family vacations and togetherness. Then in 1978 it happened. We along with a couple of other manufacturers had produced so much vaccine that we had virtually eliminated measles as a dreaded childhood disease and our product demand dropped so low that it was no longer a profitable venture. Since we were a chemical company the decision was made to exit the biological products business. With that decision my position was eliminated. In 1979 I was assigned to a staff function with responsibilities for safety, loss prevention, security, workman’s compensation, employee health, insurance, etc, etc. That was a dead end job which would lead to total stagnation. It started taking its toll on me almost immediately. My health, productive drive, desire to excel, and faith in the company I worked for, all took a severe turn for the worst. The lack of challenge, coupled with the apparent loss of confidence by the company, of my abilities, combined to the point that this assignment was literally killing me. I had a personal choice to resign after nearly 25 years of employment or stay and die an early death. I resigned, cashed out my assets and moved.

In 1980 I purchased a decorating business in Southern Michigan in an attempt to start my life over at age 48. Little did I realize that the recession that hit our economy in 1981 was already destined and on its way. It had taken all of my accumulated assets to acquire the new business. Thus in 1980 a string of ten straight years of below poverty level income began. We started out strong with the new business but a combination of the recession and a less than honorable supplier ultimately led to a personal bankruptcy in l987. A personal bankruptcy leads one to a total loss of self worth and esteem. 32 years of dedicated hard work had led to total assets of less than $7000, the clothes on our backs, and a beat-up old ford worth less than $250. Depression had set in several years earlier and I had started looking for answers in the bottom of a bottle. There were no answers there.

A week after the bankruptcy was final; I got part-time employment with a labor placement agency.  It paid $3.85 per hr with maximum weekly benefits of $50. My son was still in college and doing well, but any other family values had been stretched to almost non-existence. In 1988 I got a job in a machine shop at $7.15 per hr. Not much, but a spark of another new start was beginning. With enough money coming in that we could at least eat, I took every extra penny we could find and started sending out resumes. I had to put my age, 56 yrs old, in the profile because I could not afford the expense to travel to any interview at a company who was seeking only younger candidates. I sent out what turned out to be over 400 responses to bonafide job offerings. Over the next three years I had two interviews. One said I was overqualified for the position and the other, with the State of Michigan, said there was a hiring freeze and that they would call me when it was lifted. That was in 1990. I stopped answering placement ads.

In 1993, six and one half years after starting to answer placement ads, I got a job offer from the State of Michigan. We quickly came to terms and I joined state government. Due to my age, I never thought I would live long enough to become vested in the state retirement program. I decided to generate what retirement assets I could on my own so that if I were to die my wife would receive everything I had accumulated. If I joined the state retirement plan and did not live a minimum of ten full years, she would receive nothing from the state. I saved/invested enough over the next eleven years that I was able to retire January 1, 2005 at age 72.

The first few months of my retirement offered a welcome rest. Time was taken up doing odd jobs and repairs which had been neglected for too many years in order to accumulate assets necessary for retirement. As time went on however, more and more interruptions seemed to get in the way of accomplishing even simple tasks. I started once again to question why I was so empty and unhappy. As time went on my mothers health deteriorated to the point she had to be placed in an assisted living environment. She had been living with my wife and me for fifteen years since the passing of her second husband. Considering the disharmony in my family life over the past 20 years, this new situation presented a significant additional strain on all of us.

I looked in the mirror one morning in early 2005 and I did not like what I saw. I was completely out of shape physically and was being treated for high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight and depression was returning. I could sense that I was heading in a downward spiral toward death once again. I felt no sense of worth, had very little future to look forward to. I was not involved in anything worthwhile other than just getting through another day. I even gave up golf which had been a passion of mine for over 50 years. I had always looked forward to doing a lot of fishing during my retirement but I had also lost that desire. I made a careful assessment of my life and discovered that I only had one thing going for me which had allowed me to live to age 74. In the early 1970’s I started taking a regimen of high potency multi-vitamins. Regardless of whatever else had happened in my life I had continued this one practice, and had never missed a single day for over 35 years. As sure as I am telling you this story, that is the only reason I am alive today. While looking in the mirror that morning I made the resolve to get back in shape and try once again to find meaning in my life. Otherwise I would soon be gone and forgotten.

I started walking that very day. I started going just one block a day at a comfortable pace. A turtle would have easily beaten me to the corner. But I stuck with it and every week I increased the distance, just a little bit at a time. I counted calories and walked. I worked harder at it every day as a man obsessed with the most important goal he ever faced ahead of him. Six months later I was up to 4 miles a day and had lost 42 lbs. I was in my ideal weight range of 179-194 lbs at 188 lbs. Then, just when I needed it most, a miracle happened.

In the mail I received an invitation to join a society devoted to the study of the true meanings of life collected over the last 3000 years. I knew in my heart that I was being offered a chance to find a meaning for the life I should be leading. I discussed the invitation with my wife and was greeted with a less than favorable opinion. I told her I was curious enough that I was going to investigate a little further to see if the claims being made in the invitation were true. I entered the introduction process and became exposed to the first of the writings in May 2006. Then started a journey of amazement, excitement, truth, philosophy, and awakening to a life which I had no idea existed. It took me eight months to become exposed to the basic knowledge held by the society. Every day as I delved deeper and deeper into the writings my life started changing. I can truly say that I am no longer the person I was when I started being exposed to the knowledge of the past. I live in two worlds now; one is the world that was dragging me down and slowly but surely leading me to my death and the other is a world which holds wonders beyond anything I ever imagined. For in this new world I have discovered, I have also learned how I can make changes in it to mold it to better suit my own needs.

The ancient writings have shown me a new love which I never knew existed. As my wife and I faced the tests and trials of the old anti-world in which we lived. Our relationship soured, our love was lost. Our respect of one another was lost. We lived two separate lives under the same roof. The ancient knowledge has given us the ability to mend our differences. We are not there yet but we are slowly putting our relationship back together to what it was when it was young and fresh. This is a gift worth more than almost anything in the world. It really was the love for our three children which kept us together for the past 49 years. It will be our love for each other that will keep us together for the next 49 years.

I got started becoming healthy again on my own. The ancient writings however offer valuable information on how to extend your life span to a much longer period. It feels so good to be healthy and not sick all of the time. My features may not show it but I know that inside I am in better physical condition than I was 25 years ago. My doctor is amazed at the physical changes which have taken place within my body over the past couple of years. He told me he is actually using my case history as an example of what can be physically accomplished by an individual applying the same practices I am using in my life. My wife has slowly been adopting some of the same practices and her appearance is starting to show the same changes.

I used to worry about where our next utility payment might come from. I don’t worry about money any more. The ancient knowledge has shown me so many ways to generate income from, playing while earning, that a lack of money or being able to live as if I were wealthy is no longer any concern. There is an old saying that “problems are just opportunities dressed in work clothing”. The ancient writings have shown me how to solve literally any problem which confronts me. I have learned the techniques to think in a new way which allow me to see the results of changes made to a situation before they are actually implemented. That is the ability to reliably predict the outcome of a new or improved system. Not the old “try it and see what happens” method. I have been shown how to increase my personal productivity not just a little bit but many times over. Other things like answers to: What occupation should I pursue? What is the best way for me to advertise my new venture? How much does it cost for me to start this improved process? How large a market do I need to be successful with this idea? Is this a safe investment? All of these questions relating to business situations are easily and correctly answered. I have the ability to look at a problem from the outside and see how the inside will perform. What a comfort are these abilities for the business man.

Lastly, during the life I lived before joining the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, I was always apprehensive of nearly every life situation that confronted me. Is this event, activity, law or regulation going to hurt me? I never could really tell. The ancient writings have shown me how to almost instantly identify if a situation can hurt me, and if it is harmful, how to counteract the situation to render it harmless. What a comfort it is to be able to know if a political platform is really good for the masses. Is the proposal from a vendor of benefit to you? The list of insights for your protection is endless.

You owe it to yourself to find out if the NEOTHINK SOCIETY will have as profound an effect on your life as it has on mine.


Thank you for reading my story.


Gary B.

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