You, Mr. Hamilton, have given credence to my life with you Neothink philosophy

Dear Mr. Hamilton,
I am a 65 year old single male and a level apprentice in your Neothink program.
Since I’ve been a science person all my studious life, I’m most intrigued by Neothink because all the teaching aspects of Neothink such as theories of life on other earth like planets, thought processes in our minds and general philosophy of life, are all integrated and connected to modern science. It seems , Mr. Hamilton, that you gave birth to Neothink by the use of all scientific disciplines. Mr. Hamiton you are a true Genius.
I myself was born into a family of mystics. My Father and Mother who are still alive are hard core Baptists. Two other siblings are no longer with us. They both died when they were much to youg
and I have a feeling now that mystiicism had something to do with their demise.
As a youg adult my Baptistic mysticism led me to believe that I must serve God as a missinary doctor. So, I found myself in medical school in my late twenties with lots of mental agony and feelings of guilt. However, in my third year of medicine I did manage to drop nearly all my Babtistic beliefs because the study of evolution and biological sciences in general had an enlightening effect on me.
At this particular time in my life I decided to go into the field of work that was the love of my life; and this particular field was boat and yacht designing. So, for the past thirty years I’ve been designing boats and the last 13 years I’ve been in business for myself in my own design practice.
You, Mr. Hamilton, have given credence to my life with you Neothink philosophy. I can now look back into my life and tell myself that I’ve done the right thing.
Thank , Mr Hamilto , for helping me find myself.

Wolfgang S.

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