You know what Mark Hamilton, I don’t know what to say in a…

You know what Mark Hamilton, I don’t know what to say in a Testimonial. I’ve tried to write one several times, on several different days, and then I end up scrapping it, before sending it. What I just realized is that I’ve been living your Testimonial since October of 1998, after first receiving the Neothink Discovery/God-Man: Our Final Evolution book. At first, I was writing the Testimonial about the impact that Neothink has HAD on my life, but now I feel like talking about the impact it’s GOING TO HAVE. I feel a little impatient, even a bit worn down, that the Twelve Visions Party isn’t moving waaay faster along. I’m so ready, and been waiting for the Twelve Visions Party, the Twelve Visions World, Biological Immortality, and masses of the billions of people living on Earth with us, to heal and make the world a much better, more enjoyable place to live. You can accept this message as my VOTE for you, or the Twelve Visions Party right now! It’s just that we don’t have you on the ballot yet. But when the time comes that we do, I’ll officially get to place this vote then. I’ve been hoping that this will be put into action by the next election in 2012. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if it takes longer for most people to recognize the significance and importance of the Twelve Visions. Time will tell. But thank you for all your work and efforts, it’s much appreciated. I love that I’m aware of all of your work with this, and greatly looking forward to living it as it manifests from visions to reality’s conditions. Thanks again!


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