You can imagine how I devoured the multigenerational Package


While  communication is essential to my livelihood (lawyer),  I have procrastinated in writing this testimonial.  How does one account for 62 years of being an onlooker and frequent participant in events we only read about in history books, the daily newspapers and watch on TV without sounding boastful?

I am a native of Washington, DC, have lived in South Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Alabama, and have traveled to 5 continents and to all but 6  of the United States of America.  Nevertheless, my home has always been D.C., where I feel my power and influence are centered.  My education includes DC public schools (classmates include a former Mayor, City Council Chairman, judges, lawyers, doctors); B.A. from Howard University; law degree from George Washington University; graduate institute certificate from Indiana University, and countless other professional and intellectual pursuits to satisfy my quest for knowledge and truth.  You can imagine how I devoured the multigenerational Package.

As if that was not enough, I pursued enlightenment through TM, est, the Hunger Project, Buddhist chanting, health spas, astrology, Carlos Castaneda, Course in Miracles, the Bible: you name it, I did it.   Aside from preschool taught by a relative of Mary McLeod Bethune in a one-room schoolhouse in South Carolina, a stepmother who was the cousin of Carter G. Woodson; making a presentation as a sixth-grader to the Indonesian minister who was in DC as a guest of the State Department in connection with the formation of their government, my varied work experiences include: attending the White House ceremony that President John F. Kennedy hosted for government interns on the White House lawn 3 months before he was assassinated; meeting with Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer and members of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party on their way to be seated at the Democratic National Convention in 1964; working for a New York Congressman who was perhaps the earliest opponent of the Vietnam war;  pictures with Vice President Humphrey; greeting Shelly Winters and Theo Bikel on their visits to the congressional office I worked in; riding the elevator with Elizabeth Taylor when she was married to Senator John Warner and I was a Senate committee counsel; shaking hands with President Reagan in the East Room of the White House as the CEO of a trade association representing minority and women-owned savings and loan associations; pictures with Willie Mays; learning of the stock market crash and the loss of several hundreds of millions of dollars in the public pension fund of which I was chairman in 1987; my ex-brother-in-law being Tupac’s father; Luther Vandross’ pianist playing at my mother-in-law’s funeral in July, and countless other events that would raise the question of how one African American woman could have witnessed all of this.  I suppose I have always been special.

In the last 2 days, I have been in the company of Congressional committee chairmen, Members of Congress, Mayors of cities that are constantly in the news (NOLA to those who know what that means), state legislators, high-profile community activists, entertainers, lobbyists, and everyone who comes to participate in DC’s annual  political

“Super Bowl.”  That is the universe in which I operate.  It is thrilling, to say the least.  And there are still two more days left to enjoy more of the same.

Out of the blue, the invitation from the Noveau Tech Society arrived in my mailbox.  All I can say is Hallelujah for the Internet!  My curiosity was piqued, and  after assimilating the information provided in the multigenerational Package from Neothink, here I am…ready, willing and able to work toward living eternally and in good health as a Citizen of the Universe.

Although I may be smart and successful, I am not rich.  It was a shock to realize that a party I attended last Saturday included millionaires and those who ought to be millionaires, including ME.

My father reared his 4 daughters with a stepmother, who performed her role admirably and lovingly.  My mother separated from us when I was 3 years old, and I was not able to meet her again until I was 13.  She will be 88 years-old this December, lives unassisted but legally blind in Atlantic City and unable to see the view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Sound from her balcony, and has 3 more children (I have a brother, thankfully).

Mom obtained her driver’s license and Associate Degree in Gerontology at age 70, and dropped out of the B.A. program only when she had to return to New Jersey. She is sharper in mind than any of my siblings, and has a tremendous internal fire that burns bright in her human frame!  If she could see better, she would like to live forever, I know.  I can’t wait to share the Neothink story with her.

My life does not involve stories of hardship or deprivation, although I grew up in a segregated society and clearly remember the horrors of 50 years ago that have now come back to revisit us today, as we see in Jena.  Rather, my life experience has been extraordinary; and I have been an eyewitness to history from a most unique position that will be the subject of an autobiography.

With regard to relationships, I was briefly married and divorced twice, and am happy with my current status.  My 43 year-old daughter considers Neothink as just another one of my many pursuits she has witnessed over the years.  That too, will change once I figure out how to overcome her skepticism.

As a member of the Nation’s Capital A Team, I am anxious to proceed with the program.  Having seen through the deceptions in religion, politics and the mis-history that have been fed to people for so many years, I believe it is time to be real, truthful, accountable and forward-acting.  I’m ready for the challenge, so let’s get busy!


Theresa W.

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