You are a man of noble character…

You are more than just a legend, more than just a hero, you are more than just a friend.  I’ve grown to love, honor and respect you, dearly. You are a man of noble character, integrity and an honest trustworthy reputation. You inspire me. I admire and appreciate you for you are very….very…”wise” and unselfish. Like the loving way you open up your heart of pure gold to the whole world, sharing positive, valuable secrets, secrets that brings out the best and positive sides of people. An unselfish token of love! There’s nothing negative about Mark Hamilton showing the world valuable secrets that improves and enriches the lives of humankind. Welcome to the positive side of life, that makes people become the person that they were meant to be. Positive people.
I’ve obtained these highly guarded secrets by purchasing Mark Hamilton’s priceless manuscripts.  I and countless other Neothink members have doubled, tripled, the enrichment in our lives by attending online secret level meetings with Mark Hamilton as our own personal mentor. You have to be a member of The Neothink Society in order to attend these wonderful, exile rating meetings. It’s for members only. So anyone who would like to double, triple, the enrichment in your life, sign up and become a member of The Neothink Society today!
Values I’ve received, snapping pieces of puzzles together to form a complete pictured puzzle.  The completed picture puzzles that really inspired me, is the reason for me being here, telling this story right now. Mark’s manuscripts, his Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party are a very, very lucky answer to America’s prayers and is the gateway that will lead America to paradise. The C of U. I can’t thank you enough Mark. “I love you”

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