Yes, I am eternally grateful to Mark Hamilton for inviting me…

It has been 10 years since I received my first heirloom from Mark. I had no idea at that time what that delivery would mean to me but it absolutely changed my life forever. As I studied the manuscripts several things happened. First, I was taken back by the newness of the information I was reading. I had to slow my reading and read each nugget of information over and over in order to be sure I was understanding it all.

Next, I took a break from my reading and took the time to get married and settle into my new life. But it didn’t take long for me to start reading again and I spent the next year reading and reading and I began to look around at my world and I began to see things differently, more clearly. Additionally, I challenged the information contained in the manuscripts by conducting my own research and plugging the pieces of the puzzle together on my own to get the full integration into my mind. Snap, Snap, Snap.

I started to see through the illusions that I had lived under for so many years. I knew I had to find other people who were experiencing this new thinking, this Neothink. That’s when I started talking to others who were deeply involved and I found myself wanting to be directly involved in championing the change that the Neothink Society was manifesting in current day. I started uncovering so much more of myself, my essence and I knew I had discovered why I am here. Using the tools and techniques provided by my mentor Mark Hamilton and my coaches Steve F, Steve R and Mike G I was able to finally, after 50 years on this planet, able to stand up and say, “I am a Neothink Man”.

I soon found myself in the position of mentoring others and conducting workshops and readings online. I was able to facilitate some great things that resulted in value for those who took their ideas and developed plans using the principles of Neothink Business to launch their value to the world. I began to feel a new sense of love for my fellow humans and our planet. It is so powerful as to bring tears to my eyes.

As I worked and learned I began to advance my essence and feel the power of independent thinking and the reward of being me. I became so advanced that I earned the nickname, Renaissance Man within the circle of Neothink mentors. I developed blueprints for a new society using knowledge gained from Mark and others, I designed a Business Alliance that provided a venue for sounding ideas and even launching successful businesses, I was a speaker and teacher of Neothink and I wrote a book that helps people to prepare for Mark’s teachings and most important of all, I became a Neothink Man. If you think I state that lightly, think again. For once you have made the discovery, you will not turn away from it for you will have opened your Essence and once you know who you are, you can not ignore that fact.

Yes, I am eternally grateful to Mark Hamilton for inviting me to share his and his father’s discoveries and I am absolutely committed to advancing what I know to be the one most fundamental honesty available to you and I, the one sure fire process that will guarantee your success and provide our children with a happy and prosperous place to live and grow.
Today I am less directly involved in the daily integrations within the society and I am more directly involved in our society, teaching others the ways to integrate Neothink into their lives. This requires a special set of skills that are learned and practiced to become a master of new thinking so that people can understand what it is they need to know. I teach others the ways of being a true human free to discover self and follow that thing in the core of your being, your Essence! When you acquire the manuscripts and begin to look around you, you will certainly run into others who have also started their journey and who are doing as I do. You may not hear them specifically say Neothink, but you will know by their mannerisms and attitude. They are integrating Neothink into our world for the betterment of all and for increasing our longevity, our mortality.

I hope to run into you soon.

Rick M.

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