Years ago I bought your Neothink book

Years ago I bought your Neothink book.  Gave me the ability to control all those who try to hurt me or use me.  I have used it to be able to over come habits and fears and the panic and anxiety.  The panic attacks was one of my problems.  I never took any medication.  Even if I did it made me sick.  Here I am not one panic.  Because of your teachings it has just left me.  I use to dream of haven my own business. dreams can never give you what you truly desire. as mark would put it.  Build a empire.  I have used some of his ideas to overcome a massive problem I have uncovered for a number of years with the police who hurt my mother and myself.

I found answers I found cover ups, corruptions severe crimes no one could have ever found.  I now have complete control over the police, and people in government who tried to force us to live in fear.  Tried to make us leave long island.  I can now face them with no worry or any kind of fear.  I even have the internal revenue service on our sides because of what we have uncovered from years of cover-ups.  I wanted to be able to show the public the problems you can get into.  My mother and myself have decided to write a 8 part series  book that could soon be a movie. i have 2 book companies willing to write all the names of people in my book.

Just think a few years ago I could never do this.  No one would help us.  Also I used one idea that helped me change the  national rifle association in letting us join them to help get a lawyer. 6 to 7 years they refused my mother and myself to join to get help.  A few weeks ago they said we will help you anyway they can to resolve the severe problems. what made them change. read marks books Neothink.  A few months ago I did not have the money to buy your big book.  Thanks to your office you made smaller books and i was able to buy them. most of my money went to bills so now i have them.  They in one way is like a bible.

Neothink is the road to happiness, wealth and freedom…to change your way of life for the better.  Mark Hamilton, I wanted to be able to have more freedom from whats going on around me.  I have control, a lot more, and I am happier in what now I can do with my self.

Thank you

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