With the TVP‘s love we can live the good life

Mark Hamilton’s work truly expresses pure love for all humanity. “We all should be rich and live a happy and healthy life”. He is an honest, truthful, a dedicated man. He has great character and shows in the multigenerational manuscripts he developed. He worked on this material for decades for us. This is the gold at the end of the rainbow. His material is valuable. His perseverance to bring us this valuable knowledge has paid off presently (to all who have been fortunate to possess it) and will pay off in the very near future with the movement of the TVP.
The Government’s lying, cheating, robbing, stealing, making of bad laws, the regulations, and the abuse of power will stop. The TVP will end this all. We will be free. We will prosper. We will be happy, that happiness will revitalize our health us as a whole, our kids, grand kids, and families. They are important to us and their happiness makes us who we are as well. Remember “pure love” that is what Mark Hamilton has for us all.

The movement of the TVP means everything to me. Our health, wealth, and safety are very important issues. The TVP has the answers to our problems. We have suffered, our families have suffered, and to the Government “we have no voice”. The Government has no feelings for us, no health, no wealth, and safety is not important to them. To the TVP we are loved and respected and our needs will be met. With the TVP‘s love we can live the good life; healthy, wealthy, happy, and safe. We deserve it. Long live TVP!!

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