Why I support the Twelve Visions Party

Why I support the Twelve Visions Party

My name is Bill W. and I support the Twelve Visions Party.  At first I didn’t understand everything about the TVP.  But as I studied the Party Platform I began to see how this just might work.  Now that I understand the Prime Law and how it disarms the ruling class, I can see that not only can it work but it is the only way to fix our political problems.

When I started supporting the TVP it was because I could see all the good it could do for society and I felt patriotic in the idea that I was helping our country.  Over time, it has become more personal for me as I realize that the benefits  gained by the TVP are greater wealth and health for everyone.  I realized that I am going to have more time and money to do things I’ve only dreamed of.  Even though I am middle aged and have little money, I always wanted to pursue a career in art and architecture.   With the TVP, I believe I will have the time and money to pursue that career and that I can overcome the main obstacles of time and money.

I feel the Neothink Society as a whole helped me get in touch with my earlier dreams and to start taking action to achieve those dreams.  I have since started taking classes at the local community college and self-study at home.

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