For much of my life I have known a lot about who I am, since I started my inquiry very young. I will say that since reading Mark Hamilton’s writings, and entering the Neothink Society I have certainly learned the equivalent and extremely much more about myself and what makes me tick and how to become the Self I have always strives to BE than years of study and self inquiry gave me before 2005.

I had thrown off a lot of illusions but Mark’s writings finished off my search for clarity, then my own research completed my journey…though now I realize this journey we are all on in this Society will never end, since we will always be open for further knowledge to help ourselves, others, and the world to get even closer to what we yearn for.

The Society opens up so many opportunities for self growth and development, and growth of our Consciousness that if we take advantage of what comes our way that interests us, the rewards are as the TV ad says=PRICELESS. This is why Mark says we will become another person up to and I say passed the proverbial year of involvement. I have even come across other talents and abilities that are currently developing that I didn’t know I had, or that were rudimentary at best.

There are many astounding rewards for individuals in this parallel Society!
Everyone who reads this, I would definitely encourage to look into Mark Hamilton’s writings, and keep an open mind to continue to learn about the Twelve Visions Party and the Prime Law.

The Prime Law works itself into your daily thoughts in relating to yourself and Others! To me this is what will bring peace to our world. The TVP will bring abundance!

Lila B.

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