When those letters from Neothink started arriving…

Hi Mark Hamilton,

When those letters from Neothink started arriving, I became consumed in thought about how I was selected to receive those manuscripts. As I began to digest the theories addressed in those books, I thought about the amount of research and life experience that is capsuled there. Gee! those manuscripts struck a chord with me. Examinations of such concepts as “Friday Night Essence” and “Integrated Honesty” clarified conditions that I need to address if progress is to be made in living a more meaningful life. During such time, I have been attracted to motivational presenters online that address such concepts.

I want to move my life into a position aligned with the laws of nature. Strength is within each on of us to make changes in our lives that will allow us to succeed based upon those laws. However, with the internal and external distractions in my life, change has been slow. At times, I want to explore some home-based business ventures, but I am afraid because of being burned a few times. There are honest and reliable prospects out there. Maybe I’ve passed on some of them. My focus right now is on eliminating distractions in my life. Progress has been slow. Those weekly meetings would probably help a great deal, as well as networking with like-minded individuals.

I’ve been able to support other individuals more that supporting myself. Many times there have been friends and strangers that request a word of advice from me. They tell me that I look like the honest type. My primary suggestion to them is to look deep inside their conscious and subconscious to find answers, and be honest with themselves. Sometimes they need someone to just listen to them and to help them clarify what they have said.

Anyway I am truly appreciative of the work that Dr. F.W. and you have compiled. I struggle, but I know why I struggle.


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