When I received the multigenerationals I couldn’t put them down

Hello my name is Gary S. and this is my Neothink Society testimonial.
In 2006 I hit rock bottom and almost lost everything I had.
I bounced back in 2007 only to be set back again by the powers
of the anti civilization. I was bitter, angry, depressed, and I wanted revenge. I had lost my drive to be successful something
I never thought could happen to me. I decided I would cease my
employment with those who wronged me at the first of the year.
Shortly after resolving myself to this decision. I received my first letter. I was skeptical but the curiosity pushed me along.
When I received the multigenerationals I couldn’t put them down. I honestly feel I’ve been waiting for this society all my life.
The society is the missing link I’ve been searching for. I’m still employed by the same people who wronged me and I still plan on leaving. The difference is that I will leave not for revenge or anger but for something better. I will leave because
the job is not part of my FNE and no longer fits in my mini day schedule.
I want to thank Mark Hamilton for finding me and waking up my child of the past. I also want to thank all the great friends I’ve made in the society on my journey so far. My Friday Night Essence is to live forever. I hope to see you all there.


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