When i receive my heirloom books…

When i receive my heirloom books i was propel to read them but due to my handicap it has taken me alot longer to read these three books, but i enjoy reading them because there is nothing out there in the world that doesn’t do anything like the The Neothink Package can do. I am slowly absorbing the words for I am a slow learner it takes me awhile to accomplice alot of task. I have found one of my FRIDAY NIGHT it is poetry for I am able to write beautiful , brilliant , poems so far 3 (4) of my poems have made first page , which made me feel very excited, My first poem that i have ever wrote has made editor choice of the month, this poem has made me a vip in International library of Poetry , this poem has made 1st place , so just give me time i will accomplice a lot.  I have given up watching tv, I have given up soda, One by one i am slowly losing my bad habits, I still have a long way to go but i will get there. Here is the poem,       God Creature’s         The sun is coming up, the sky is red and blue. When i get up in the morning, i think about a wonderful day it will be. For i will see many wonderful creature’s big and small. For i will spend my day with them.  I am slowly gathering poems so i can get my first book publish,  Thank you Mark hamilton for bringing me into S of S, keep up the good work we all thank you, WILLIAM G   FORT WORTH  , TEXAS  A-TEAM    ( if you can look for my poems in international library of poetry and in noble house )

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