When I first became an apprentice, Mark Hamilton as a mentor and leader …

When I first became an apprentice, Mark Hamilton as a mentor and leader each and every week, was very instrumental in mentoring me in addition to reading the Neothink heirlooms; The Neothink Inside Secrets, but most importantly reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets had made a profound difference not only in my personal life, but at the time I was reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets my daughter now nine years old was just about two years old, at which time I implemented what I was reading at the time into the upbringing of my daughter.  She was able to make decisions on her own at a very young age, when she was four and a half years old she came into our room at 4 AM, and said she wanted to write a book; we told her to go back to bed thinking that she just had a dream, when she woke up later she insisted that she wanted to write this book.

I sat down with her with paper and pencil in hand and ask her to tell me about this book she wanted to write; every thing in her book today came from what I was teaching her from the information I got from Miss Annabelle’s Secrets, and the illustrations is all her own as well, her book is titled “It Begins At Home” By Sofia Guichard are sold at target.com. Amazon.com, waldenbooks.com and many others. The school she attend also has her book in their library, now, at nine years old she is working on her second book.

I too have written a book, because every one were asking me how did I inspire my daughter to write a book, and just her awareness of who she is  and knowing the difference between the illusion and what is factual, but most of all she exceeds in everything she put her mind to, my book is titled “The Cause of Failure,The Naked Truth”.

I’ve learn to see past the illusion and taping into the creative person I was meant to be, and instead of being a complainer I’ve became a creator, I’ve an invention call “Soft Bite” with Trademark patent; and awaiting the final licensing with one of  the largest manufactures for medical and dental supply “Medicom”, My invention is a dental scanner that enable the dental technician to perform a routine ex rays without the discomfort which I’ve experience myself  and speaking with the dental technician and finding out that there isn’t anything else out there, but if someone can come up with something that would offer less discomfort that would make their job a whole lot easier with happier clients. Needless to say, I now have more than ten inventions that provides a service and fill a need, and realizing that with these two components I’m making a difference for a greater good for humankind and that makes me very proud to be member of the Neothink Society.

Giovanni A. G.

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