What’s the next step?

How do we now employee the Neothink visions through-out? How do we vanish all the unnecessary so citizens the the security forcesdirectly and not through taxes or the government? When do we lessen govenment? Less Government s better as human beings have the right to make their own non-threatening decisions. This is a quest! Eath has been stuck in a puddle of mud ever since Socrates or Newton. We should be far more advanced as a civilization then what we are. And personal believe a little of everyone was held back from true success by powers greater then their selves, tat only deals with other human beings. Let’s then create and build, no one can stop you from building anything you want to. This is a planet of mankind not government kind or control freak kind. All the vastness of open space and how long have we been sitting here on this planet? Does the governemnt of anyone else nt in government have a plan to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth? Does anyone on Earth know how to reventa solar flare from causing ionizations of Earths own atmosphere that could be potentially damiging? Does anyone on Earth think in the ideas of how to sustain Earth if the inevitable did take place? Let’s aso try no t think doomish outcomes, yet a pound of prevent does beat a ton of cure. I know that math persoanlly from trial and error. What could go wrong and how to prevent it. Thinking outside the box everywhere. I’d like to casue a urainum reaction in a hollow ball of led for a forever battery to tell ya the truth so the land fills aren’t being so filled with ground contaminating batteries, and would like to see if anyone knows the square footage per achre of food grown comparrd to the population growth.
*Please excuse the type-o’s.
There is a common thread amongsts us all… there really is.
Patrick B. Rasmusson
I got the gas prices lowered again. Yes, I am a Neothink member by the way. I’ve been doing my best to keeping them low as well so everyon can catch up.That was done out of love. Thee is great power in love and emotions, arth runs on it eveywhere eacha nd every man womn and child.

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