What value do I get from “Neothink Society”?

I’m a 62 years young sales person, who has been able to see through the fog cast by the “Neo-Cheaters” of the world. What value do I get from “Neothink Society”, how do I feel about it? Well my pressing issue is my health.I’m a dialysis patient,been prisoner to the artificial kidney for four years now. Four long years of torture, severe pain, cramps, numerous emergency room visits and hospital stays, are the norm.

Back in August ’08,I subscribed to the “Society” secret web-site and through my “Neo-Space” page I’ve met many friends. One special friend learned of my condition and said she could help and try to cure me.I had told her about the pain, lack of energy and that I was on the transplant list. Angie of Australia(Down under)informed me of a book she was writing with juice and food recipes she felt would help me. I tried it, and her value creations have improved my life tremendously, more energy, less pain, and recently I regained some kidney function. I am very grateful to “Neothink Society” for bringing us(Angie and I)together.

Since I’ve become an inside member, I’ve learned a lot about medical advances going on now and down the pike.”Nano-technology and Organ-Cloning”peak my interest. With the “Neothink Society” these technologies will advance very quickly .My gold is eternal life for everyone. Every life has value. I feel a new freedom from the old prison I’m in. I delight in the thoughts that soon I’ll be able to take an “Electronic pill”that will operate on me, to install a new organ(Kidney)cloned from my own “DNA” with no anti-rejection drugs to take. We the “Neothink Society” will bring these values to me and countless millions of the world.How do you think I feel about that? I feel warm and safe, with a family of fellow members who really care. Life is now a vacation.


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