In other words, WHO are you?  Who are you and what are you about in this life?  This is a focus on your inner BEing.

We are born and we grow up, and along the wayfairs of our life we gather relationships, skills, much learning, and so many life experiences.  I have had a mix of these life experiences, as have most people.  Some were good, and some were not so good, and some were pure hell.  I’m no different in this regard than any of those of you reading.  We have a great commonality in our humanity.  All of us do.  The thing about it is, what sets each of us apart from the rest?  None of us in our essence are clones of another or drones of the hive of humanity.  However, there is much we do not know of what genius resides in our depths. We are not meant to know.

Our Earth structures have been so designed by those behind the scenes of power to suppress humanity, to keep from us our greatness, to install in us certain programs that we incorporate so that we, ourselves, are our own manipulators of Self-making us into our own robots so that we will keep the wheels of commerce running as our purpose in life which ultimately feathers the nests of those Controllers.  Our schools do not teach us how to think, and we do not get it from our upbringing in our homes. The latter, only because our parents grew up under the same programming. We are not encouraged to become our own authority, but to accept that those outside authorities know better what is best for us. Other than our work, the rest of our lives falls to chance, ie.what we can make of it. So much more….However, talking about all this has a point.

I had already lifted the veil of “society” here on Earth to some truths even before reading Mark Hamilton’s Neothink writings.  Did this help me when in some years prior to receiving the first book, my life and joy on Earth wound down to shrapnel after my husband’s death? There was resulting financial wounds following that event.  This was not to even mention what depth of darkness I fell into.  Because of health matter resulting from the stress of that period of time, I retired from my work.  Then there was bankruptsy, as well as difficulty with my husband’s grown children over assets.  Still, something within me did not give up.

I had started to come out of that darkness after retirement, though there were still financial difficulties.  Mark Hamilton’s invitation to his writings showed me that I was not alone in this world, which seemed to have gone topsy turvey in so many ways not to my liking.  There were people out in the world that felt and thought as I did, who were like-minded, and who were not bound by their circumstances as I was.  This gave me a huge wake-up call to my spirit, which was still alive within me.  I ”knew” this was a chance to awaken that greatness sense I had had during times in my life where I excelled in creativity for I would find out about myself what I didn’t now know, just sensed.

I began reading Mark Hamilton’s first two books. However, at this particular time I began to be stalked by someone.

This experience lasted a number of months and was a nightmare, in which I almost died literally. The local and Federal protection agencies, and my lawyer were no help to me throughout this travail. I was on my own. However, I had Mark Hamilton’s Self Leader System that gave me the tools to use that enabled me to get out of that situation ALIVE! Without that information, I will guarantee you that I would now be dead, period. So I have eternal gratitude for my life to that reality-digger Mark Hamilton.

The rest of this Testimonial speaks to my involvement in the Neothink Society.  I found here that the nightmare I went through with that stalker was really the catalyst for my jump into the Neothink mind. Mark Hamilton calls it survival pressures. Well, THAT I did have=life or death, my choice. I chose LIFE, and because I did I was rewarded with so much wonderful experiences that I just cannot enumerate in this communication. I found after a few months that here within the Neothink Society there is a level playing ground for all to jump in and create their place in it, joining with others who have done the same thing.  This is the way that Genius blossoms. I just went to whatever endeavor I was drawn to and participated. I have put my heart and essence into developing this Society and giving whatever it takes to assist others in their self-determined journey to find their Love inside and their own unique way of expressing it. I had done this in my Nursing career with my patients, caught within their physical illnesses….Now I am continuing this with those who are propelling themselves along their path to Wholeness, to assist in dropping all learned obstacles that could hinder their progress and to find that creative piece they may have left behind long ago.

I also see that our world is headed toward a “makeover”, since there is nothing to be learned and much more destruction to be gleaned from present measures of how everything is managed. Inside, I KNOW that there is a better way of assisting the world’s population to a healthy free and safe living here on this planet for I am now experiencing the influences that are propelling me into my BEST Self ever. The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law is right in line with this climate of exploration that visionaries, scientists, consciousness groups and such concerned peoples looking into principles that work to extend this population’s cycle of Life in the most beneficial way! We will start here in our beloved United States of America. There is a Way…. Please choose to find out by reading Mark Hamilton’s writings. It is truly up to each of us to create the self and life we want to live, and the civilization we want to live in.


Lila B.

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