“What happened to our Giant Leap for Mankind?”

“What happened to our Giant Leap for Mankind?”

What happened to our giant leap for mankind? It was impeded by career politicians.

“And now you must be asking how was that done?”

The career politicians found away to steal funds from other places in the Government to create an illusion for us and called it a program for Social Good!

Now you must be asking.”Why did they do that?”

They created an illusion for us that they are doing good things for society.
But clearly they are using those funds to buy everyone’s vote.

“Can’t you see Rule of Man here?”

When buying your vote gives them reelection fever which results in bad mouthing the other guy to win your vote through another illusion that they will make things better for the
middle class.

There is no Middle Class!

Honestly that is an illusion! There is only two classes in society!
Which is the Elite Class and the Suppressed Class!

And if you are not in the 1% you are not in the Elite Class!

Fact is your in the Suppressed Class!

What will it take to awaken those who are still asleep so they can see that doing nothing will cause our lives to go down the toilet!

Look the career politicians maybe at fault here but the fact is your letting them get away with sending our lives down the toilet!

Wake up face reality!!

The two party system is content to take us down the toilet.
Because they believe they will not be touched.
Remember this they are so good at creating illusions they have fooled themselves thinking they will not
be touched when they send us down the toilet.

I have faced reality an our only hope in getting to the next Leap for Mankind is thinking out of the box and changing direction!

And the reality of things is that America will crash if we continue with a two party system!

While facing reality we must come to a decision to stay with the two party system which is taken us down the toilet.
Change Direction as we challenge the two party system by voting for a new way and cause a crossroad for humanity from going into tyranny and the dark ages all over again. By voting for the Twelve Visions Party’s Presidential Candidates Jill Reed/Tom Cary!

They honestly have the key to unlock our next Leap for Mankind that Armstrong spoke of!

Make an honest effort to do a little research before you go to the polls and vote!

By making an informed decision we all win!

So get informed by going to




Please make an informed decision so we don’t go down the toilet!!

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