Well, I gotta say, “forever” is a long freakin’ time

Well, I gotta say, “forever” is a long freakin’ time, but still, 300 years, 500 years, 1000 years could be really cool! I mean, as long as we keep our thinking clear that we are not “fighting Nature,” but rather, working with Nature–we can succeed without negative reactions because of thoughtlessness or egotistical ignorance. Turtles live a few hundred years naturally, and whales live to be..we don’t even know how long–but over 500 years old is documented, and trees can be over 1000 years old…so it’s out there, and the way to find it is actually in and a part of Nature. Of course, that means we’ve got to deal with population control and over breeding sooner rather than later…and also deal with the lower aspects of human nature, too, since we don’t necessarily want the wrong people to be in power and then to live forever!

Lisa N.

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