We are subject to the laws of nature

Dear Mark,

The information that I have learned about “values” and their importance has been really illuminating.   Neothink has opened my eyes in so many ways, mostly in regards to personal freedom and our obligations to do what is right for ourselves, and not let external forces dictate our lives and opinions.  Of course this great responsibility incorporates the idea of not harming another while pursuing your dream and real core ambition.

Although I believe that we are part of a unified system of interconnectedness,  it is imperative that we bring our own unique skills and talents to fruition.  It is our true calling and must be listened to.   It will bring so much to so many.

We are subject to the laws of nature.  Though use of our intellect and love we can both respond to nature appropriately and of course control it towards our purpose.   Animals and plants, without consciousness, of course can not do this.

As we seem to be continually sold on maintaining our position of servitude in this modern feudal system, Neothink is one of the main philosophical viewpoints that is contradicting this.

My advice would be to emphasize core values.   The media usually takes “side issues”, and presents them out of context to make so called threatening ideas/movements seem trivial.  Neothink is life affirming.  Make sure everyone understands that.

Craig C.

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