We are living in a time that I call The Global Restart

We are living in a time that I call The Global Restart. In the midst of all of the seismic shifting and upheaval there are select individuals, like Mark Hamilton, helping others pursue stability by seeking ways to reassemble the puzzle pieces of their lives. Neothink provides necessary stepping-stones guiding people up the path to a brighter, unrestricted future. Be reassured, Mr. Hamilton isn’t advocating for blind devotees of his every word. No, he is verbalizing concepts, which we all have considered, even though, born into the Matrix, challenging ancient systems, which have enslaved many, and now the minds of victims can be opened. Consequently, one can pursue their fullest potential and walk out of the prison doors of their minds into a blessed reality, a living, breathing fantasy world, based on The Prime Law. Isn’t it time you ran towards real freedom?

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