We are all Self Leaders, our own Authority

Mark Hamilton,

At some point in life and living, people such as I do have to stop and consider what Point of View I want to take to guide my own path through the seeming morasses of deception and illusions that cover over wrongdoings by those who should know better, since they have taken over the welfare and well-being of our citizenry here in the good ole USA! They make promises and campaign as if their very hearts were awrung with dedication to save our lives and give us our heart’s desires.

Then after Election Day, what happens? After a few public celebrations to imprint their great promises into the Minds of their constituency, they almost virtually disappear for their term, except to appear at public events that foward their political agendas for re-election! To accept this is to accept a slave or victim mentality! These sort of fair weather bureaucrats are not going to solve anything except to place their own welfare above all others, when push comes to shove.

I am unable to vote for such as these! This is shameful, and the politicians with long careers know this, for many compromises have been made between what they have promised over the years and what they have actually wrought!

We are Self Leaders, our own Authority, able to bring our own solutions to our life’s problems and those of our country. I would urge anyone reading to go explore www.tvpnc.org/ and see what those solutions are. The solutions the Twelve Visions Party and Prime Law have found are healthy, promote a bountiful life, make happiness attainable=all this literally. Actually I have already found my own peaceful way, free of rancor, yet dedicated to doing my utmost best at participating in this Neothink Society and supporting the Prime Law and Protection only Gov’t that the Twelve Visions Party brings to the solution “table”…

If you want to see the difference in two cultures right here in our own country, call 1-888-859-6859 for Mark’s latest book Wealth, Health, Peace…Read it and give it a free chance to enable you to open your own eyes and see what YOU find on your own cognizance!!!

I find I can light up my own light, my interior Sun of comprehension and Neothink, and gain my own nourishment from what emanates from my own spirit to live well and prosper! Look at your life, Look at your future…Choose wisely.

Love you, Lila B.

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