We all live in a world of illusions

We all live in a world of illusions and this world that we all really lives in will have us thinking that it’s really crazy to go after our dreams.  But, I as an individual is here to say that we can go after our dreams which our dreams are not impossible to reach but it does takes great determination and great sacrifice, and plus we are not crazy to go after our dreams.  In fact, dreams are a growing part of our lives. Presidential Barack Obama talks about traditional part of politics are traditions that stretched from the days of this country’s foundlings to this country’s glory of the civil rights movement.  It is a tradition base on simple ideas that we are the people have stakes in one another, and of that that binds us together as one which is greater than that that, which drives us a part.  And if we as sufficient people believe in the truth in our intentions and act upon it, then, we might not solve every problem but we can get something meaningful done which our goal is to acknowledge who we are and who we were meant to be and the way that we are meant to live as human beings!  I believe in a government that truly represents the Americans people and that government should truly serves its entire people.  We as Americans must require a different kind of politics which is willing to be constructed from the best of our traditions and one that is accountable for the darken aspects of our past.  This politic will need to reflect in our lives as we all were meant to live them and I see that the Prime Law of Mark Hamilton will be the only Method that will provide this.  In which we all share common hopes, common dreams and a bonding that is really unbreakable in our American’s spirits. I as an American have longed for an order; my need is to believe that I am not simply subjective to blindness or impersonal forces but that I can shape my individuality and collective destinies that I so longed rediscover by my traditional virtues of hard work, of patriotism, of my personal responsibilities, and of my optimism and faith.  The future is for my taking!  Someday, things will be better in my life; someday, I will be caught up with my work long enough to enjoy making memories with my family and friends; someday, I will earn more money, and I would not have to worry about how I will pay my bills; someday, I am going to get in my best physical condition; someday, I will have a much better relationship with God and enjoy my treasure that he placed upon me in his goodness.  In each of my areas, I will find practical suggestions and simple choices that will help me to stay positive in my journey for believing in a brighter tomorrow which I have experience adversities and trials in my past.  Perhaps I think that I have had more than my share of setbacks and heartaches.  But, I believe today is a new day!  In which, I need to enlarge my visions so I can see myself doing more, enjoying more, and being more.  I believe that this it’s not God’s lack of resources or my lack in my talent that prevent me from prospering but for my own wrongful thinking that which keep me from doing God’s best in my life.  I am really tired of thinking negative about myself that I have already reach my highest peak in life but I really believe that I haven’t came nowhere close of touching that surface of my full potential.  I believe that I limit my life to stay in my mediocre surroundings.  I always ask myself, “how can I unlimited my power and how can I unleash my fullness potencies of un-limitation that is trying to come out of me.

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