Viva Neothink!!!

Before the Neothink Society my life was extremely bleak. I’ve spent most part of my life as a “someday person”. Meaning, someday I’ll be rich, some day I’ll live the American Dream. But, like so many I feel the agony of working hard everyday only to be disgusted by the overwhelming taxing on my pay. (Ever wonder why they call it Gross Income, because it’s “gross”). I was living a miserable existence full of wishful thinking and without authentic results – with too much month, at the end of the money. Today however, I am well on my way towards a life beyond the American Dream, all because of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society. In fact, the knowledge I’ve learned from the Neothink Society has made me so incredibly smart that students and professors at school look up to me and colleagues at work want to be me. It’s incredibly awesome how the Neothink Society permanently changes a person’s life – I wish that for you!

In the words of Victor Hugo, “All the forces in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Indeed, The 12 Visions Party time has come! It is time for all humans to live in world where a life Wealth, Health, and Safety belongs to you.

Thank you Mark, for teaching me and people around the world to live a creation driven life!

Viva Neothink!!!

Oscar U.

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