Value is what Mark Hamilton, and his Neothink series is about

Value is what Mark Hamilton, and his Neothink series is about.  If more people understood the power of producing and then creating value in their lives, corruption would be a bad memory.  I’m a minister, and a life coach.  These professions fall under the Mystics category of the Neothink plan.  They are the enemies of the independent thinker.  After reading Neothink and Neothink Inside Secrets, I began applying this information to my life.  I question everything and look for ways of disproving so-called strategies that are meant to improve life.  When I began to look for value in what I was being taught, and what I was teaching, much of it became worthless.  My life and what it was to become had to be re-evaluated.

I do not teach religion because religion has little value short of demonstrating unique possibilities – which are carefully hidden. I teach solutions because solutions are valuable to those in need.  Nobody likes being told what do.  People should not have to be cajoled into doing anything, least of all filling the coffers of those who provide nothing in return.  People recognize value, and they reward value.  When I teach, what I teach needs to be of value, and I must be living it.  My passion is to reveal the lies perpetrated on others for the sake of stealing power because the charlatans must feed.  What is the benefit of Neothink?  You can begin with a healthy self-image, self-esteem, and competence in your abilities.  People value those who produce and those who create value in themselves and in others.

Creating value is the centerpiece of my services.

Today while recalling visions from my past there appeared in my mind’s eye the playhouse where as a little girl played, the world became surreal. Everything was perfect in that playhouse. The curtains were so beautiful and the bouquet on the kitchen table was lovely. There was no fussing and everyone was so kind and loving. The gourmet meals we prepared in that kitchen were fit for a king. There were no needs that were not met while were there.

Now imagine a world where all people could experience this kind of life. A place where dreams are made possible and come true. A time when even the poor and the elderly have all they need. And everyone has access to the desires of their hearts right at their fingertips.

Friends, there is such a place in the Civilization of the Universe for all people. No one will be left behind. This place already exists for some who have entered into the exciting level of consciousness called Neothink. Mark Hamilton along with many other great writers and thinkers has compiled a blueprint if you will of our world to come. Mark has compiled a documentary if you will of Twelve Visions which will usher in prosperity and enrich lives all over the world. Included in these visions is a Protection Only Budget which will cause the economy to soar to heights far above what has been imagined or thought of by man.

Let me encourage you to take a look at this great plan of prosperity and knowledge we here call Neothink. Then decide for yourself which world you desire to live in for you and your family. Will you choose the world where the ruling class suppresses and even destroys the lives of many, many good people? Or will you join the forward march into the Neothink world where all people are free to create values through integrated knowledge?

Minister Phillip F.

PS, My descent into darkness is referring to my prison life in CA. From using Mr. Annabelle’s Life Chart that you sent me in the Heirlooms, when you contacted me in 2006, you reached me in the ending of my 2nd life cycle, adulthood, and at the mid point of my life beginning my 3rd life cycle, old age. Thx Big M. DP Regards to your family.

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