I, Connie C, Am a Mark Hamilton Partner, and a Neothink Active Member!!!  I started reading Mark Hamilton’s, Neothink Literature and in an instant I felt my Life Changing for the Person I always knew I could be! Mark Hamilton, through HIS Neothink Literature, Changed my Life forever for the, Near Perfect Life I was meant to Live! I have learned to Create Values, not just for Mark Hamilton, but For the World… I have continued to gain knowledge, Valuable knowledge, to Help the innocent people, SEE through the ILLUSIONS that the Goverment has created to Keep the innocent People form a New Way of Living, I am Guilt Free in all that I do and accomplish, by accepting The Good Change that Mark Hamilton and Neothink is Offering! And that Our Now Discombobulated Government is trying to STOP!  Please do not let them!!!!!!  My Life was just not where my Childhood Dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was in a Stagnation Rut!

Neothink gave me the Secrets to Pull myself up and Change, into Thinking for Myself, because I do have MY OWN MIND, and MY OWN LIFE, as long as I continue With Pure Love and Pure Honesty…Your Life can be the same way, Like I did and you should try is to Rekindle with the Child of Your Past when we were innocent, Playing Happy and not a worry in the World! Remember Your childhood and your dreams and visions? I do, just like it was yesterday…The government of NOW is trying to make themselves look, sound and Promiseing to do right for US!  Though all of this is just their illusions,and lok where we are Now!! In Debt, Homeless, No jobs—Though through Mark Hamilton and Neothink WE Can Unite and Live the Life our Forefathers wanted us to Live! I might not be Wealthy in my Pocket right now, though I Am Wealthy in my Heart just knowing I am a good and honest Person.

I Searched many years for the good life, and everytime, the Government Slapped Me righ upside my Head to try and rule over ME! The way I Live Now, I am Happy, Exhilirated about Life and the Life of all around the World, Especially the United States… Our Government just keeps taking from Us ALL what does not belong to them! So they can live in Luxury off of our hard earned money! Thtey did not earn our money, they just keep making more rules and regulations that we must live by, and not one of them has ever had a real JOB.. they have never gotten their hands dirty! It is Time For the IDEA of Mark Hamiltons Neothink to Make this world Our Country, and to tell the Government to leave him alone!  They are AFRAID of anyone who can think fo themselves, SO Take Control of Your Life And Your Own Mind, Like I and so many other people have and Set US FREE from the Destruction the Government is doing to each and everyone of US! I Love Life as You should too. Please do NOT let them shut down the Best Solution of Protection Only, and a Beautiful Life that is just waiting for ALL OF YOU!!!!  With Honesty and Love of the Purest Form!!!!


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