Two years ago my marriage was in shambles …

Two years ago my marriage was in shambles to the point that we were on the verge of getting a divorce.  I was ready to give up on life, as it had just become one big tedious chore.  Day after day I performed the same old routine.  Life had no meaning and nothing made sense to me anymore.  I wanted to get away from everything and everyone.  Deep down I knew that I desperately needed and wanted a change.  But I wasn’t sure where to start.  I analyzed every aspect of my life.  There had to be something I wasn’t doing right that could make everything better.  Or maybe I just wasn’t doing enough with my life and there was more to me than stay at home mom and wife.  Whatever it was I now possessed a void that I began trying to fill any way I could think of.  Of course, I only made things in my life worse.  In the end I was frustrated and very angry.

Then one day in May, I received an invitation from Mark Hamilton to obtain the greatest kept secrets of all time.  Naturally, I was skeptical but figured I had tried everything else what did I have to lose.  I am so glad that I trusted my instincts.  Mark Hamilton and his Neothink literature have transformed my life.  I read all three manuscripts eagerly absorbing all of their information.  The Neothink Inside Secrets were so profound that within months after grasping and applying the Neothink techniques, I became more efficient with every portion of my life.  I cherished every moment of life as I started my quest to awaken the child within. I had a lot of extra time to invest in my children which resulted in healthier relationships with them.  My communication skills improved as well.  I was able to reconcile my relationships with my parents, sisters, and eventually my husband.  The exchange of ideas is more open and honest between my husband and me.  Our romance has intensified.  We are definitely on the road to recovery.  The only way my life hasn’t changed is financially, but I know that too will change soon.

Myisha W.

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