Tonight, within myself, my heart is filled with just Love…

Mr. Mark Hamilton,

Tonight, within myself, my heart is filled with just Love, Love of life.  I contribute this feeling to my association with the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party.  I don’t have enough words to explain to the extent that I feel it.  I will just have to tell this about myself first.

Many years ago and at the time my marriage was crumbling and life was beginning to become quite scary of not having a family; my children were older so they were not an immediate concern for their well-being. I had this dream that meant nothing to me at the time.  Earlier today, after about 30 years the meaning of that dream, of which I had ‘never forgotten,’ became very clear to me.  This dream was very short and with no words, just a picture—here it is: “I was a guest speaking tothe USA Congress” (that’s all the dream was).  It was and still is vividly clear. Sometimes it would be years and I would not think of the dream at all.

Now I know!  The TVP is the Congress.  I was speaking and for years off and on I would wonder, “What on earth would I be saying that held everyone’s attention that was in Congress?”  I never did get that solved, and as of today, I can have some pretty good guesses.

For years, I created ‘a mountain of Numerological Science Information’ and during much of those years I had never discovered the worth of the information. It has been through reading the Neothink Society Literature that I am discovering self-worth and self-confidence and am discovering almost, at least a portion of the “Worth of the Numerological Science, especially the UPPERCRUST OF ESSENTIAL ANALYSES”.

I have known that I, as the creator of those several analyses, was only a part of its completion; in this knowing,from many years ago, I knew there would be a younger man from the Lower-48 (as we Alaskans refer to the Continental USA) that would be very instrumental in the completion of the Numerological Science Information. I don’t know by any specific name, but I will say since I have made a few, what I consider lifetime friends within the Neothink Society and have shared a portion of the writings with some of them—-I wonder—I wonder—I wonder.

Through the Twelve Visions of Mark Hamilton’s Literature, I wonder again “What am I really? Am I considered a Neothink genius? Is the UPPERCRUST OF ESSENTIAL ANALYSES really that important?” That thought makes butterflies within me dance all around.

Today, I don’t have crystal clear answers to all that wondering, but what I do know is that the “Purity of Love, decorated with honesty” are what I FEEL FOR MARK HAMILTON and the NEOTHINK SOCIETY.

JoAnn C.

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