To the newly formed Twelve Visions Party : Know your Adversaries

At  the recent celebration of our Twelve Visions Party  obtaining state affiliation in Connecticut  I introduced the EGO  concept as it relates to the present roadblocks to Human Health. ( eugenics, greed, obstinance )   This concept also relates to the political arena as well.

The eugenics movement (thousands of years old) is tied into the globalist agenda. It is the ultimate insult to humanity. Instituted by the so called genetically  superior  global elite to force the masses back into an obedient bicameral mind set through the manipulation of our food  supply,  medical care and various disempowerments.   They also seek to limit population overgrowth beyond some arbitrary limit.

The Paradox

This group is ruled by greed and obstinance. Interesting enough, rational confrontation  or  verbal chastation  will not work on this group.  But, an organized refusal to do any kind of day to day business with them will have a devastating effect. The reason they seek to rule the world through eugenics and environmentalism is a deep seeded fear of survival. This group knows elimination of the weakest is the factual message of the theory of evolution  and not having  the ability to create values, it is obvious they are NOT the fittest.

Greed is an easy target. By simply exposing the fact that their motives are ultimately unprofitable in the long haul. Greed is unsustainable, it also shortens human life span as well.

Obstinance is  the toughest  to deal with . It is the essence of ego. A bright shining example  along with  demonstratable  success will eventually wear them down.

The Ultimate Paradox

At this time, in America, with the ferocious attempt of progressive globalist to take over our country. It is important to note that the present community of mankind will not be ready for open borders or any type of global  governance  Until we all can embrace integrated honesty and  objective reality in our daily lives.  ( not that this group cares)

These are the very values Mark Hamilton and the Twelve visions Party will bring to society through the installation of the prime law objective and government of protection only. ONLY then will mankind have the opportunity to become part of a loving, supportive, value creating community of conscious human beings.

At that very moment ,…. guess what happens!……..  We will no longer require any government at all.

I look forward to and will actively do my part toward realization of that day.

With love, Carl T. J.                                                                                                                            Integrated Essences of Connecticut and the Neothink Society.

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