To: The Future President Of The U.S.A., “Mark Hamilton”

I’m falling more and more into eternal bliss, the deeper and deeper I enter the “enchanting” world of Mark Hamilton, his literatures, his Neothink Society and his Twelve Visions Party, which comes this super-mega powerful force pulling me in closer and closer…..
“resistance is futile!”! Mark reveils powerful secrets that can,enhance, enrich and save lives. That’s the difference Mark Hamilton makes. Mark, this journey of no return “feels so good”. I really enjoyed your beautiful new website. Anyone can become a member now
All that you’re willing to teach…I’m willing to learn. Order Mark’s literatures at 1888-859-6859. Mark you
have taken your writings, your Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party Movement to a whole new beauty. Unlike the ruling class, whom I refer to as the “beast”. May beauty prevail!
To silence Mark means to silence I and many other Neothink members whom also are firm belivers in the God honest truths that Mark so eloquently and unselfishly speaks and that’s a large amount of mouths to silence! Let’s join Mark and make our country stand tall, financially strong and proud again.
Remember to go and visit Marks beautiful new website and find out how a future of wealth, health and peace belongs to you. Mark , I can’t appreciate you enough for opening my eyes and giving me a sharp birds-eye-view of powerful secrets that can save this world and how a future of wealth, health and peace belongs to everybody.
For sharing these unselfish secrets, filled with so much love, hopefully one day I may return the loving favor and be
of service to the future most honorable, President Of The U.S.A, “Mark Hamilton”.
I’ve spent many years questioning my reason for existance here on planet earth. These thrilling adventures that
has began….all leads to you. This being so, I’ll do my very best to fullfill any favors asked of me, “Mr. President”. You have done something to my heart and I can’t understand it…

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