To Mark Hamilton

To  Mark Hamilton

From Mike C I wanted to sent this line to Mr. Mark to let him know from the

bottom of my heart how grateful I am. you prime literature, Neothink society, and

twelve visions party has changed my life 360 degrees. I can’t conceive at this point living without the SOCIETY OF SECRETS The TVP means a lot to me my love ones and my friends I personally recommend this society t anybody. This is real this is not a fiction I am 64 years old and as a PASTOR of the church it wasn’t easy BUT you Mr. Mark changed me I have hopes real hopes for a better tomorrow Mr. Mark I am with you WE WILL SURVIVE THEY ARE NOT INTOUCHABLE My father used tell me this the STRONGER survive until the WEAKED allowed them in their words the POLITICIANS SURVIVED UNTIL NOW

I beg up there if you want C of U ok lets bound together in one body

Mr.Mark thankyou  Mike C.

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