To: Mark Hamilton

Hello Mark, remember it is normal for people to be negative. This is what they grew up with. The media concentrates on the negative because this is what they think sells. The government feels pressure because they feel threatened, they know change is near. And it is normal for the you to feel nervous. This is an exciting time for Neothink and the 12 visions.

Wait till this goes public. All those people that were not brainwashed by societies normal way of thinking (follow the leader) this will change the world almost immediately.

Remember, we are the leaders of future change by helping individuals become leaders of their own destiny. And no matter what, one person or a few million people who may be against Neothink, well, this is Bigotry of freedom, economics, race, gender and all we stand for. We do have protection against bigotry.

All my best for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year,

Steven A. W.

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