To Mark Hamilton

Hello.  I didn’t send out my testimonial because I have a difficult time expressing, in a good structure.  For 30 years I have had a great time with the puzzle of my life … I’ve studied everything and attended anything where I could learn something.  I was probably 11 years old when I discovered that Religion was about ‘man made laws.’  I had attended my friends churches in a very small town in Texas and actually came up with that knowing .. and here it is … Your manuscripts confirmed what I knew at a young age … something I never/couldn’t repeat to anyone.  As a matter of fact, I found the manuscripts to be so profound that I would say “What the heck is this I’m reading?”  I had a hard time getting past the idea (in the beginning) when, I believed that maybe it was about being an atheist.  I just couldn’t put it down … and then, at some point, I reconnected and would have this eternal excitement.

I am not at the point that I want to be financially, I’d lost everything in the early 90′s recession and am now 65 and have an apt. attached to my son’s home.  However, I’ve had many wins.

Is there anyone there who could help me out if I put something together?  I have a file called “This is Me” … It shows that I had come from a very oppressed person to becoming an independent thinker.  Actually, I’ve had such a wonderful journey and I’d thought that maybe at some point I would have someone help write my book.

I found books of truth when I became involved in the society.  In fact, I’d missed out on more of it because of the job I had which kept me away from the opportunity to be near a computer.  I am at a point where I need to meet society members and get more involved.

I have bunches of words to say, I just don’t know the structure.  I need help and I’d be happy to give you a testimonial.

It IS what we need to survive!


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