‘To Be or Not to Be’ is not the question!

Here’s my latest…sorry but I had been going to TVP site, postulating positives section…and putting my quotes there…
But! Now I know where to send my remarks…singing Mark Hamilton’s praise!
To wit:
‘To Be or Not to Be’ is not the question!      
But to do or die in the attempt to be truly free!
Free from all the external authorities telling you what to think…what to do…what to be!
And it will only be thru Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Vision Party that you will be able to become that person freed from all external influences.
Freed from the inner voices that we were imprinted upon when we were too young to know any difference; telling us what was right; what is wrong.
Now…we do…and it is only thru Neothink and Mark Hamilton’s TVP that you will be able to undo all the damages that society…has done in the name of social progress!!!
So…join the Twelve Vision Party and finally become the person you were truly meant to be…free to follow inner bliss and contribute to the general good of all who seek the same!

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