Through your literature, we have learned how to discover…

Dear Mark Hamilton,

My name is Stanley G.  I was first introduced to Neothink back in 2004.  I have read all three of your bible sized volumes, lol, and appreciated every minute of it.  I personally feel like Teddy in the Miss Annabelle story (the business man).  Through your literature, I have embraced my God-Man-ship, and my role of creating values to better our society, and the house of Zon.  I feel as though I am a great asset to you personally, Jill Reed (our presidential candidate from Wyoming), and the rest of society.  As you know, all humans want to live prosperously, and be happy.  Although, not alot of them have discovered exactly how to do that.

Through your literature, we have learned how to discover and build on our FNE, allowing us to play as adults, thus creating a genuine happiness in what we do for a living. Unfortunately, most people’s FNE takes quite a bit of time to build enough capital for them to support their lifestyle. I feel as though I have a solution for that.  Through my FNE, I have a business, in which I feel ANYBODY can use to build enough capital to go then support or start their own FNE. I am currently on track to make at least ten grand ($10,000) per month, in the next 90 DAYS; and have it grow higher each month thereafter.

I truly have a COMPANY WITHOUT A COUNTRY.  Imagine if you will, all your readers who you sent this e-mail to, earning in excess of ten grand per month; I’m sure that would be alot of capital we can then use to further our cause of breaking this anti-civilization into the C of U. I’ve heard you’ve been trying to contact our fellow minded people, like Bill Gates, to help fund the campaign for Jill Reed, our candidate for the Twelve Visions Party. What if all your readers, who already know the benefits of electing her into office, can also contribute monetarily towards her campaign at such a large capacity?

Imagine if you will, all your readers taking this business, and introducing it to the man on the street, helping him, achieve financial success; that man would be very thankful indeed to your readers, would he not? Your readers, having befriended this person, can than introduce our TVP goals, and the benefits of Neothink and Mark Hamilton; which also increases the amount of people that will give wonderful testimonials about Neothink and Mark Hamilton. In the initial contacts with me, you kept saying, I was CHOSEN to come into The Society because you guys saw something in me that can one day benefit The Society. Well, today is that day Mark. For the same reason you sent this email to us: ( “I want you to know I am making a move to vastly increase the dissemination of Neothink.

Its my decision to increase Neothink to a much larger readership.  As a reader of my literature, you know the importance of getting the Neothink literature into the hands of many.  I am about to take a step that could bring the Neothink literature to many times the number of people who have seen it to date.” ) is the same reason, that I’m sending this e-mail to you. And that reason is: NUMBERS. We are both trying to increase our NUMBERS. I know that with my COMPANY WITHOUT A COUNTRY, combined with Mark Hamilton and your COMPANY WITHOUT A COUNTRY, along with the Twelve Visions Party, we can bring this anti-civilization into the C of U. I request 30-60 minutes of your time Mark, so I can show you exactly what I do, show you some checks I’ve received from this business, to prove that this business works, and that I’m not a neocheater; but rather a Value Producer, and Creator. Once everyone feels how we feel, then biological immortality will soon come thereafter. But like you said, more people have to be introduced to who we are first and what we have to offer.

I feel as though, my FNE can bring us the capital, as well as help us bring in the NUMBERS required for us to succeed in our goal. I live in Reading, Pennsylvania. The next 90 days can literally change everything for myself, for yourself, and for the rest of this anti-civilization. Please contact me. I would not like to see the same thing that happened to your father Frank, happen to you. TOGETHER we will succeed. Even if for some chance, I don’t hear from you, writing you this e-mail was in my mini-day schedule; so I am more than pleased with myself.

Stanley G.

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