Through Neothink, I have found new friends…

When Neothink arrived in the mail, I saw the envelope and thought it was another advertisement.  Since there was no clear distinction as to what lay inside, I opened it up with much curiosity.  I found a letter that spoke to me.  I was searching for something.

Something more… a solution to the everyday dissatisfying routine.

Most people, if not all, have a hobby or interest that they naturally gravitate towards when not at work.  This is of course unless your work is what really interests you.  I have quite a few interests that I gravitate to when not at work.  With Neothink, I have realized that these interests (i.e. Painting, Photography, Music, Foreign Languages, and Science) can become my job, my value-creating job, over time.

Through Neothink, I have found new friends and acquaintances that share common goals and interests.  We interact like a family and help each other out the best we can.  With those that I have met and spoke to personally, memories and bonds have been created that will last forever.

A vast array of knowledge is crammed into the Neothink Society.  There are topics ranging from Romance to Business to Science.  The pages upon pages of information provided filled in the gaps for me and helped to form complete pictures of knowledge.

I have found other insightful resources via Neothink, such as “The Origin of Consciousness in the Break Down of the Bicameral Mind” by Julian Jaynes and “Entrepreneurs Versus The State” by Burton Folsom, which better explain the process of how our society and others have come to be in the situations they are today.

Currently, most children in private and public school are the product of the discussion method.  I am one of those individuals that attended school with this method of teaching.  First hand, without realizing it at the time, I witnessed a break down in my own capacity to retain and build upon knowledge.  The discussion method allows teachers to focus on various tasks while students talk amongst each other.  A more beneficial method is the lecture method, which allows the teacher to communicate information in the form of concepts that can be interlocked together for broader integrations.  This is a positive change that should be implemented within school systems.  A result of not having this change put forth yet, over one million students are home-schooled each year in the United States alone.1

1For reference: According to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics 2005

Regulations.  They affect all of us everyday.  They are the base of the U.S. government’s power.  Have you ever wondered what the country, or even the world, would be like without regulations?  Imagine… the wealth it would bring.  Imagine… the health it would be bring.  Imagine… the safety it would bring.  Politicians create regulations as a part of making their jobs look beneficial to the public.  In the end, these very same regulations only hurt the people they were created for.

Every individual has the potential to be a leader.  Every individual can be their own leader.  People do not need to look up and seek guidance from politicians, mystics, figure-heads of society, nor anyone else with celebrity status.  A person needs to believe in who they are and what they can be.  Everyone need to stand up, stand tall and not let others hold them down.  Take control of your future.  Don’t let other people spend your future for you.


Brett J. F.

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