This video is an important reminder of an extremely important…

This video is an important reminder of an extremely important reality–without our FNE, which really means, without our Inner Child totally revived and reconnected to our Current Self–it’s almost impossible to truly love life like you did as a child, which you always should as your birthright, because that is the deep well from which springs our excitement about Life. You felt the full gamut of emotions as a child, but generally speaking, always felt that hope of the new day, and the excitement and joy that thought brings with it. Now, reclaiming that original love for life that you had then, through reclaiming doing what you loved then, allows all those wondrous feelings of happiness and welcoming of the new day to reemerge, as well!
And FYI, Mark, I’ve been viewing your videos and making responses every day–but am having difficulties with my internet access. So, I’ll do them as often as possible till this problem is fixed!
Lisa N.

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